Magic: The Gathering

“By creating the Land of Corondor and joining the original Magic: The Gathering continuity team to develop the world, characters and history of Dominaria and the universe of Dominia, Jeff Gomez helped lay the foundation of one of the most successful cross-media product lines in all of gaming.”
— Kevin Maples, Marketing (1990–1996), Wizards of the Coast

Client: Acclaim Entertainment / Hasbro (Wizards of the Coast)

Based on: The billion-selling trading card game from Wizards of the Coast. Magic: The Gathering served as the precedent for Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and all collectible card games since.

Assignment: To extend the original card game into multiple entertainment platforms by helping to create a fictional universe in which the characters, locations and artifacts pictured on the cards all co-exist.

World Design – Corondor on the World of Dominaria
12 Comic Book Series (Acclaim Entertainment)
9 Graphic Novels (Acclaim Entertainment)
BattleMage Video Game Concept Document
BattleMage Video Game (PSX, PC – Acclaim Entertainment)
BattleMage Video Game Strategy Guide
Shandalar Video Game (PC – Microprose)
Novels (TSR Books)
Web Sites (Acclaim Entertainment)
Adventure Games (Wizards of the Coast)
Trading Cards (Wizards of the Coast)