“As we were planning our 35th anniversary, we decided that entertainment would be the ideal way to communicate the speed, power and performance of Hot Wheels vehicles in an emotional way that kids would really get excited about. With their experience in building organic, character-based worlds, Starlight Runner is a great partner for us as we extend Hot Wheels beyond the toys everyone loves, and into action-filled experiences across all media.”
— Jim Wagner, Senior Vice President, Hot Wheels Marketing, Mattel

Assignment: In 2003, Starlight Runner Entertainment was selected to create a children’s entertainment component in tandem with the Hot Wheels 35th anniversary campaign, which would be extended across multiple media platforms. Launch would be in the form of miniature comic books, with extensions into television and feature animation, videogames, action figures, merchandise and an elaborate web site.

Hot Wheels Highway 35 Property Bible
World Design – The World of the Accelerons
42 Characters
36 Comic Books (Mattel)
Hot Wheels World Race CG animated feature (Mainframe)
5 Episode Animated Series (Cartoon Network)
4 Hot Wheels Acceleracers CG animated feature films (Mainframe)
Hot Wheels World Race Videogame (THQ)
24 CG animated segments of downloadable content
Trading Cards
Package and Trade Show Designs (Mattel)
McDonald’s “Happy Meal” Campaign
Web Sites (Mattel)
Lifestyle Products & Merchandise

Results: According to the April, 2004 License! Magazine, Mattel experience a 40% boost in the sales of Hot Wheels consumer products for two years running.