Starlight Runner is the world’s leading producer of transmedia entertainment franchises and corporate narratives. We have worked with the top studio executives and producers in Hollywood on many of the most successful entertainment brands, extending them effectively across multiple media platforms and increasing their longevity.

These include:

  • Walt Disney Company (Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars)
  • Sony Pictures (Men in Black, Spider-Man)
  • 20th Century Fox (James Cameron’s Avatar)

With a vision for uniting global audiences around positive values, open communication, and progressive ideas, Starlight Runner designs, develops, strategizes and implements carefully orchestrated transmedia rollouts with our partners and clients.

As a result, our work opens:

  1. New revenue streams
  2. New media opportunities
  3. Capturing the imagination of millions for movie studios
  4. Videogame companies
  5. Book publishers
  6. Government administrations
  7. Consumer product corporations.

Starlight Runner has enjoyed extraordinary results with the application of its proprietary transmedia development process on major film, toy and videogame brands, including:

  • Hot Wheels (Mattel)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney)
  • Avatar (20th Century Fox)
  • Halo (Microsoft)
  • Transformers (Hasbro)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon)
  • Spider-Man
  • Men in Black (Sony)

Founded in 2000 by CEO Jeff Gomez, Executive VP Mark Pensavalle, and Chief Creative Officer Chrysoula Artemis, Starlight Runner Entertainment has developed a roster of Fortune 500 clients, and has created and expanded a number of world-class transmedia franchises for such clients as The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Microsoft, Hasbro and Coca-Cola.  


Transmedia storytelling leverages the strongest features of interactive media such as mobile phones, game applications, social media, and the web.

It is a technique that successfully responds to meet the new age challenge of pervasive communications. Billions of people are finding themselves capable of conveying their thoughts and opinions to hundreds, even thousands of “friends.”

Transmedia allows for the establishment of an architecture for dialog, which is vital to promoting engagement, participation, and action in the age of social media.

Transmedia Literacy & Integrated Transmedia Production

Nations that have come to understand their populations and are able to produce transmedia narratives will remain successful in the age of pervasive communication.

Transmedia storytelling is now being taught in universities across North America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, and China.

Starlight Runner has successfully developed courses in transmedia literacy and integrated transmedia production for City University of New York, USA.

We have customized coursework and seminars for Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, UCLA, Hong Kong Design Institute, and Curtin University, Perth, Australia, among others.

Starlight Runner CEO Jeff Gomez has held his Transmedia Masterclass annually at Singapore Media Academy since 2014.

In addition, Starlight Runner is now employing Collective Journey modality with all of our clients as a means to cultivate loyal fandoms, motivate audiences to take action, make intellectual properties feel more modern, intriguing, sophisticated, as well as to validate and celebrate participation.

The Collective Journey Series:

Intro: Why is This Happening?
A New Narrative Model Explains it

Part 1: The Hero’s Journey is No Longer Serving Us
Classic Storytelling Models Are Faltering in the Digital Age

Part 2: When It Comes to Story, You’re Not Getting It
Narrative Models Must Evolve in the Digital Age

Part 3: The Collective Journey Story Model Comes to Television
ThronesDeadOrange & Others Are Subverting the Hero’s Journey

Part 4: Big Brands and the Awakening of the Docile Consumer
In the Collective Journey the Peoples’ Voice Now Levels the Playing Field

Part 5: Story Can Assert Control Over the Masses
The Power of Propaganda and Multilateral Narratives

Part 6: The Secret to New Storytelling: Regenerative Listening
Collective Journey Narratives Require Genuine Engagement

Part 7: Superpositioning
How Digital Communication is Blowing Us Back to the Stone Age

Jeff Gomez

CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment

Steele Filipek

Executive Editor & Lead Transmedia Producer

David Wisnik

Production Coordinator

Staff photos by Kyle Kirkwood | http://www.kylekirkwoodphoto.com/