World Vision Canada: Narrative Innovation (2017)

Goal: As dramatic changes in the sociopolitical climate have made Canadians suspicious of charities, even as they become more secular in their giving, a new narrative approach must be devised to engage millions of potential donors.

Background: World Vision Canada engaged Starlight Runner to analyze, assess, and innovate all aspects of the organization’s communications in order to address the many new challenges of multiplatform media, the hazards and potential of social media, and the sensibilities of savvy and suspicious millennial donors and their college age children. Also examined would be tools such as World Vision’s Child Sponsorship model, and the organization’s relationship with Christians and the organized church.

Results: World Vision Canada is now implementing an entirely new narrative approach—equally engaging and unifying donors, the organization itself, and those being helped overseas—leveraging Starlight Runner’s transmedia techniques and Collective Journey narrative toolset.